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jorgen: wait that scarf is its tongue? Apr 10, 2014 14:31:37 GMT -8
jorgen: i guess it makes sense 'cause it's a frog but still, it seems really impractical for a ninja to strangle himself with his own tongue Apr 10, 2014 14:32:20 GMT -8
Isa: Magic, did you reach any conclusion regarding Chansey/Lapras? Apr 11, 2014 2:14:29 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: Bogged down about 1/3 of the way through setting up the matrix? I have good days and bad days; on bad days I find it hard to concentrate on maths. Apr 11, 2014 22:39:13 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: Or rather, hard to concentrate on the drudge-work of defining the states in the chain. Apr 11, 2014 22:40:23 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: I'm doing the sole case of Lapras vs. paralysed BeamBoltWave Chansey; I think we all know that Lapras should be running from an unparalysed Chansey, and a non-Thunderbolt Chansey (non-Twave is rare) is a trivial Lapras win. Apr 12, 2014 4:55:48 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: Also I realised I was being an idiot and renumbered my states more sensibly. MUCH easier now. Apr 12, 2014 5:02:14 GMT -8 *
magic9mushroom: Also assuming Lapras doesn't have Hyper Beam. Because it basically never runs Confuse Ray and Hyper Beam on the same set. (I checked this on PO; nobody's done it this year.) Apr 12, 2014 5:29:25 GMT -8 *
Crystal_: Pokemon ~Glitched~ Red Walkthrough -- Part 1: You guys can't miss it :) Apr 13, 2014 11:53:52 GMT -8
Isa: Famous CRYST L. Looking good! Apr 13, 2014 12:38:35 GMT -8
Isa: I laughed at Oak removing the door behind him, forcing a restart. Apr 13, 2014 14:52:14 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: Don't you just hate it when you're having a perfectly reasonable discussion on the internet and then someone snaps and starts throwing slurs and calling you a liar? Apr 14, 2014 1:03:27 GMT -8 *
ddx2: ..perfectly reasonable? What forum do you frequent? :P Apr 14, 2014 3:12:29 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: I frequent many. But this one was the VNDB forum. Apr 14, 2014 3:21:02 GMT -8
ddx2: - I'm more entertained how the first few battles were so normal, and then made a 1/32 jump of weirdness. Apr 14, 2014 3:23:45 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: Hey you know that 92.1% figure you gave for Chansey 3HKO on Lapras, does your calculator give the actual fraction? Apr 14, 2014 23:25:07 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: If not that's fine, I was just curious Apr 14, 2014 23:38:42 GMT -8
Isa: No exact fraction, sorry Apr 15, 2014 11:31:15 GMT -8
agentsyrup: Hey I think everyone should check whose birthday it is today. Just saying. Apr 15, 2014 14:02:03 GMT -8
magic9mushroom: Why do I care if it's Jeymz's birthday? Apr 15, 2014 16:41:26 GMT -8