ATQ Regional R1 against Alamaster


Isa: well thats just like, your opinion, man Dec 16, 2014 15:39:11 GMT -8
piexplode: I agree with him not cos it's his opinion but cos it's my opinion lol. It was handled a little rashly and you had staked out your ground on showdown, so I don't think that McM's blanket answer should have been as it was; some more discussion would defo hav Dec 16, 2014 16:44:31 GMT -8 *
piexplode: e been nice. ;~; Showdown could do with more customisability. They can't justify no-freeze-clause ladder when as it stands freeze clause is standard, and they offer no customisiability to mean that the ladder could be no freeze clause but being able to Dec 16, 2014 16:46:23 GMT -8
piexplode: challenge with freeze clause on, which would have been the appropriate solution in my opinion, but clearly as it stands not implementable Dec 16, 2014 16:46:48 GMT -8
jorgen: I thought that disagreement was actually pretty civil. Also the lack of freeze clause is definitely a problem for a sim, for exactly the reason that it doesn't implement standard rules. Dec 16, 2014 17:11:46 GMT -8 *
jorgen: Whether or not it SHOULD be a standard rule in the first place is sort of a different discussion from whether simulators should implement rules when they are standard, and the latter is definitely what Isa was getting at. Dec 16, 2014 17:15:29 GMT -8
Raish: Just had a game that even outlasted my game with Isa in POWC. 1st KO turn 162, 207 turns total! Dec 16, 2014 19:01:12 GMT -8
kid: here is showdown without freeze clause, it's a battle I did a few months ago, and I end up freezing his whole team except for jynx I think (very funny) Dec 16, 2014 19:09:18 GMT -8 *
redemption: I will be flatly honest and quite blunt. Freeze clause in RBY OU makes a VAST amount of sense. Or did we all suddenly collectively lose grasp of the fact the freeze mechanics in RBY are stupid? Dec 16, 2014 19:23:55 GMT -8
jorgen: RE: kid's replay: that would've happened even with freeze clause. It only prevents multiple active freezes at any one time. Dec 16, 2014 19:57:26 GMT -8
jorgen: Granted, the lack of freeze clause may have affected your opponent's play, but I kinda doubt it; that team's not well-suited for switching things into Jynx, so he's inclined to just let things die once frozen. Dec 16, 2014 19:59:09 GMT -8 *
jorgen: Not to mention that the one thing that wasn't switched in was Chansey, the one thing that could take Blizzards. I figure he didn't really know what he was doing/was just messing around. Dec 16, 2014 20:01:25 GMT -8
Lutra: Don't worry, we aren't all pokefan bob / ete drones intent on vexing the traditional simulator playerbase :p Dec 17, 2014 8:46:46 GMT -8
Isa: Crystal: Is this proper Counter mechanics? Dec 17, 2014 13:58:02 GMT -8 *
magic9mushroom: : I know it was civil. I was offended by the content, not by the tone. Dec 17, 2014 18:52:21 GMT -8
Crystal_: no. poison, burn and leech seed don't update the damage address so it's irrelevant to counter Dec 19, 2014 11:28:07 GMT -8
Crystal_: shouldve been 234 dmg Dec 19, 2014 11:28:49 GMT -8
Crystal_: i think that's covered in my research post anyway Dec 19, 2014 11:31:43 GMT -8
Isa: Thanks for the info. :) Dec 19, 2014 15:40:00 GMT -8
Isa: It'll be fixed with the next server update. Yay Dec 19, 2014 16:59:57 GMT -8