Three RBY LC matches (Me VS Dexter)


Raish: well in the old meta, they bring in Lax, and you either switch out and take just as big (or bigger) of a hit as you dealt or stay in and risk crippling your best sweeper if they paraslam Apr 18, 2015 6:28:03 GMT -8
Raish: Now Laxes switching in can't paraslam you so often you risk some damage that might end up being meaningless if Tauros fights a mon that hits it in ~50% intervals later (like Jynx, Zam, or Lapras). Apr 18, 2015 6:30:02 GMT -8
Raish: Without the threat of paraslam FPs, Lax is running more Counter. If you throw out EQ or Bliz, you get that bit of chip damage in that double bslam doesn't cover anyway and might get the move for free. Plus if the move crits, Lax is already in HB range Apr 18, 2015 6:31:09 GMT -8
froggy25: Is Dugtrio BL worthy ? Apr 18, 2015 9:48:22 GMT -8
froggy25: Apr 18, 2015 9:55:31 GMT -8
froggy25: Of course the main issue is to actually switch into Dugtrio Apr 18, 2015 9:55:46 GMT -8
piexplode: :o raish with the increased lordstrats. Anyway really early on in new meta I was ALWAYS facing early game tauros, cos I was abusing rest jynx so much (and outside of lead slot too) ... I think we're finally starting to understand how it works. I'm Apr 18, 2015 13:28:43 GMT -8
piexplode: getting pretty good at hitting tauros trying to come in early though - giving the opponent an obvious spot and then twaving it etc. ... still, it usually costs me some e.g. in terms of the health of my chansey. Very fun though, loving these aspects of new Apr 18, 2015 13:29:50 GMT -8
piexplode: meta :> Apr 18, 2015 13:29:54 GMT -8
Crystal_: Part 2 Apr 18, 2015 14:47:28 GMT -8
Crystal_: and part 3 Apr 19, 2015 12:50:27 GMT -8
Raish: Dugtrio used to be a gimmick lead vs Zam and Gengar that would put Eggy into guaranteed Tauros Hbeam range before sleep if they didn't want to risk the 50/50 ditto with Zam. Apr 19, 2015 15:49:19 GMT -8
Raish: If you're not using it as a lead, take out Eggy then switch it in on an electric move vs a mon it's likely to beat (like Chansey, Jolteon, a paralyzed and hurt Zam, or a hurt Zapdos). Apr 19, 2015 15:52:27 GMT -8
Raish: I believe it "can" be BL but it isn't currently until someone consistently proves its worth in the new meta Apr 19, 2015 15:53:13 GMT -8
piexplode: depends on how you define BL Apr 20, 2015 6:17:19 GMT -8
Golden Gyarados: Hey Crystal_ : Bulbapedia says that in Gen I, Mimic shouldn't be able to copy a move the user already knows. Is this true? If so, PO is wrong :-/ I keep mimicking Thunder Wave as a Zapdos which shouldn't be possible Apr 22, 2015 10:47:21 GMT -8
Golden Gyarados: If it's true, Mimic on Zapdos gets WAY better, since if you use it versus standard Chansey, you're guaranteed Ice Beam or Softboiled, both of which are way useful Apr 22, 2015 10:47:42 GMT -8
Lutra: No, Bulbapedia is wrong. It was incorrectly implemented the same way you describe on Netbattle, the simulator that inspired PO. Apr 22, 2015 11:41:36 GMT -8
Isa: Indeed. The Mimic glitch on NBS was preferable for the competitiveness of the move. Never forget Dewgong in UU, the ultimate Golduck counter. It also improved Dodrio slightly. (and jynx, i guess) Apr 22, 2015 12:58:40 GMT -8 *
Golden Gyarados: Figured as much. Bummer though :-/ Thanks for confirming Apr 22, 2015 13:16:01 GMT -8