Three RBY LC matches (Me VS Dexter)


Crystal_: thrash/petal dance lock the user even if the move misses (and a miss doesn't automatically end the sequence either). Not sure if this was already known Jan 29, 2015 9:47:47 GMT -8 *
subsmoke: hey what are you guys playing rby on these days? i can't even get on netbattle anymore Jan 29, 2015 13:15:03 GMT -8
Lutra: PO and Pokemon Showdown Jan 29, 2015 13:21:49 GMT -8
subsmoke: cool Jan 29, 2015 13:34:16 GMT -8
subsmoke: which one is better for rby? Jan 29, 2015 13:34:29 GMT -8
Raish: A lot of people on 2k10 prefer PO, but there are definitely people that prefer showdown as well. Jan 29, 2015 13:38:11 GMT -8
CrapAtRBY: PO=Quality Showdown=Quantity Jan 29, 2015 15:18:43 GMT -8
piexplode: I'm on both but most of the community tends to hang out in the channel RBY on PO (also the ladder quality is better there).. also due to stuff Crystal_'s found, even though there's still working NBS servers, it's too buggy to battle on any more. Jan 29, 2015 16:11:20 GMT -8
froggy25: I'm playing like shit. Losing battle that was basically won by taking the worst decisions ever. Jan 30, 2015 10:49:47 GMT -8
Isa: And so, we learn. Jan 30, 2015 10:52:23 GMT -8
David the Chansey: Ooooh my gosh, it's been a while. Jan 30, 2015 11:32:47 GMT -8
Golden Gyarados: Welcome back David the Chansey. Read up on Crystal_s new discoveries and prepare to have your mind blown :) Jan 30, 2015 18:55:35 GMT -8
Agent Syrup: David the Chansey AND Golden Gyarados! Talk about a blast from the past! Jan 30, 2015 19:17:00 GMT -8
jorgen: I thought Golden Gyarados was still active Jan 30, 2015 19:19:32 GMT -8
jorgen: not to say you're a spring chicken either, Agent Syrump Jan 30, 2015 19:19:50 GMT -8
Agent Syrup: "Syrump"?!?! Them be fight'n words! Jan 30, 2015 19:27:18 GMT -8
Agent Syrup: But anyway, to anyone who doesn't know: Pokemon Showdown recently implemented RBY Random Battles. There are a lot of balancing issues to work through, but it's shaping up to be a great metagame! Jan 30, 2015 19:29:09 GMT -8
Agent Syrup: (also if anyone know anything about implementing mods on Pokemon Showdown we might be able to get RBYPlus on there) Jan 30, 2015 19:30:15 GMT -8
piexplode: GG's pretty active afaik.. :] I'd probably send a pm to Joim about RBYPlus, and I know Crystal_'s some basic experience in javascript. Kristoph might too.. not sure. Hehe I'm sure we'll find a way ^o^ Jan 30, 2015 20:15:37 GMT -8
Agent Syrup: Excellent! Then I can start annoying Isa about all the things I would do to try make RBYPlus more fun! Jan 30, 2015 20:59:05 GMT -8